Friday, December 28, 2012

SpotlightOn - 2012 Year in Review

Before we all head out to relish the end of another year (no the end of the world did not come) let us take some time to remember our favorite, albeit fashion inclined, things of 2012.

  1. Fashion Insider Street Style: Taylor Tomasi Hill - she bring the cool girl chic to anything she wears. (image via Style)
  2. Up and coming modelBarbara Fialho, she walked the Victoria's Secret fashion show 'nuff said. (image via Barbara Fialho's Instagram)
  3. Instagrammer & Blogger: The Brazilian culture is famous for celebrating! They embrace color, food & joy, and blogger Thassia Naves illustrates this daily via her Instagram. (image via Thassia Nave's Instagram)
See more for my top bags, shoes & shopping stops this year!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

BeautyTalk - eSalon Hair Color System

Confession time: I have been dyeing my hair since I was 12 years old. Queue the look of horror! However, it is safe to say I have years of experience. It all started when my hair begun going darker than the blonde locks I was born with, and, I was adamant about remaining blonde. Then in college I decided I rather go for a sophisticated brunette color, just slightly darker than my natural color. Yet, anyone who dyes their hair knows the process is prone to problems such as not enough pigmentation per strand, brassiness or fading dye jobs which have to be re-colored a little too soon. For all the above problems and more I recommend the eSalon DIY hair color.

Friday, December 21, 2012

QOTD - Wayne Dyer

Life isn't a rehearsal...

Wayne Dyer on the importance of Today

Monday, December 17, 2012

ShoppingTips - Top 5 Gifts under $50

Many of you are probably overwhelmed with the task of getting a little something for those who have helped us reach the end of the year with our sanity intact! If you aren't able to indulge in extravagant gift giving (lets be honest few can) here are five items I would love to receive and so would your friends! (Be it for Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthdays or just because!)

Ann Taylor Feathered Top, MAC Holiday Eyeshadow Kit,
 Asos Leopard Passport Holder

1. Ann Taylor Mint Feathered Top $34 with code TOPS (image via Ann Taylor)
2. MAC Fabulousness Holiday Eye Kits $39.50 sold out online but available in stores (image via MAC)
3. ASOS Leopard Passport Holder approx $14 with code USEXPRESS4XMAS (image via ASOS)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

QOTD - Jane Austen

There is no half love in true friendships!

Jane Austen on Friendships & Love

Monday, December 10, 2012

StyleInspiration - HEDVIG OPSHAUG (part 2)

I previously dedicated a post to the lovely Hedvig Opshaug. Not only do I admire her effortless style but I love she is a finance career-woman turned full-time fashionista! Makes me think I, too, can do it (haha). Anyway, little did I know that the image from my original post featured Hedvig with a tiny baby bump! Here are my top nine Fall and Winter outfits! (for the 9 month journey - beginning when she was four months along)

The Short Story
B&W, One Day & Fall Stuff Northern Lights' posts

Friday, December 7, 2012

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

ShoppingTips - ASOS Holographic Embellished Midi Dress

I literally have been obsessing with this dress since October. It has now been marked down, therefore, in my humble opinion it is the perfect time to plan an outfit. My Holiday season kicked off with a wedding this past weekend and seeing so many glamorous gowns is further inspiration to shine on this party season.
Asos Holographic dress, BaubleBar studs, Fendi wallet on chain,
 B Brian Atwood Felicite slingback!

Items to be worn:
1. ASOS Midi Dress with Holographic Embellishment approx $158 (image via ASOS)
2. BaubleBar Ice Pearl Stud Earrings $32 (image via BaubleBar)
3. B Brian Atwood Felicite Slingback $149 (image via NeimanMarcus)
4. Fendi Wallet on Chain in Gray with Gold Chain $499 (image via Overstock)

See why I chose these...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

QOTD - Epicurus

Give thanks for what you have today! Words to live by from Epicurus.
Epicurus on gratitude

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

StyleInspiration - EVA CHEN BANNISTER

There is something to be said about someone who is in the upper echelons of the Editorial industry yet still finds time to answer the many questions of her eager followers. I originally started following Eva Chen Bannister, former pre-med student turned journalist, on Twitter simply because she had the glitter Miu Miu sunglasses I had been lusting for. Little did I know, she was going to become my go-to source of all beauty conundrums. There has not been a question I have asked this lovely beauty editor and style aficionado which has gone unanswered. (Seriously ask her for advice and ye shall receive!) I would call her mentor of all trades. Below I have opted to highlight this amazing article featured on Saks Point of View outlining cool shots of Eva and her top ten cardinal rules of beauty.
Eva Chen photographed for Saks POV

If you want to be blown away by how she inspires me stylistically you must visit her Tumblr!

Friday, November 16, 2012

ShoppingTips - Halston Silver Evening Glamour Look

I have a wedding coming up and found it incredibly taxing to put together a look without spending thousands of dollars on the gown itself. Granted the fact I did not have thousands took care of that! Challenges always make it that much funner. Here is the look I came up with! (notice the slit we saw on so many red-carpets this year & the d'orsay pump which you can get endless use out of!)

Halston Heritage gown, BaubleBar earrings &
Monika Chiang mirrored pumps

Items to be worn:
1. Halston Heritage Silver Halter Gown $178 (image via SaksFifthAvenue)
2. BaubleBar Garland Drop Earrings $52 (image via BaubleBar)
3. Monika Chiang Metal Mirrored Pointed-toe Pump $385 (image via NeimanMarcus)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

QOTD - Tom Bodett

Laughter is the best medicine!

Tom Bodett on what it takes to be an Optimist!

Monday, November 12, 2012

ShoppingTips - Sweaters with Detail

I am a sucker for open back details on dresses and tops, for me, there is nothing sexier! So, imagine my surprise while on my trip home I find the next best thing at Mango - sweaters with back detail! As we enter the coldest months in the Northeast what better way to add fun to the multiple layers we will be wearing.
Mango Sweaters with Rhinestone & Chiffon
Back Details

Friday, November 9, 2012

StyleInspiration - Red Holiday Look!

The holidays are around the corner and for most ladies this means parties! See here a hot red look that is sure to turn heads at any party you may attend.
Asos Red Dress, Louboutin Pumps & BaubleBar necklace

Items to be worn:
1. Asos Red Lace Cut Out Back dress $79 (image via Asos)
2. BaubleBar Onyx Stella Collar $32 (image via BaubleBar)
3. Christian Louboutin Rolando $745 (image via NeimanMarcus)

For more styling options see below:

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

QOTD - Margaret Chase Smith

Margaret Chase Smith on "can do" attitudes!
So many times we choose to feel defeated when told we "can't" do something. Instead, we must channel that negative energy into encouragement!

Monday, October 22, 2012

StyleInspiration - Falling for Gray

I have been in a bit of a funk recently. This usually happens during those first few days of Fall when Rain makes a reoccurring presence in Boston and the Sun is a rare sight. While my nails remain the coral red color of choice my clothing is more reflective of the gray skies. Lately, the outfit below has been on repeat.

Rag & Bone skinnies, J Crew sweater & Charles Philip Shanghai smoking slippers

Items to be worn:
1. Rag & Bone/JEAN high rise skinnies $180 (image via Shopbop)
2. J Crew Grey wool flecked sweater (borrowed from the boys) $88 (image via JCrew)
3. Charles Philip Shanghai Sheila Peacock leopard smoking slipper $135 (image via NeimanMarcus)

Bonus: I wear it with my Mulberry Fuchsia Alexa to bring more color to the gray days!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

ShoppingTips - Resort Nudes & Whites!

If you are like me, you are always thinking ahead. When Summer finally starts your shopping focus shifts to Fall. Well Fall is here and I do adore layering up but this gets me thinking for the next time I will be able to leave the house without multiple layers. Many of us go to warmer climates as the East freezes up, rather than get caught up with shopping expensive Resort collection get a leg up and shop the insane Intermix clearance! Top picks below (prices listed reflect additional 50% off added to your cart):

Rag & Bone/JEAN white flared pants $24.50 (86% off)
Chan Luu Chiffon Sequin Tee $99.50 (68% off)
Diane von Furstenberg Lucy Acorn Lace Shorts $39.50 (85% off)
Chan Luu Silver Beaded Tank $74.50 (75% off)

For a Colorful Bonus see below...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

QOTD - Robert Kennedy

Whilst in a meeting at the non-profit publisher I work for, I learned a new concept last week. Basically, perception of failure dictates future success. As long as we grow and learn from perceived mistakes or defeats, we succeed. Therefore, that is the motto I am focusing on as I near the corner of a birthday. For more about this concept head over to the SaltyWaffle as they give us the premise behind John C. Maxwell's book Failing Forward.

Fail Forward quote by Robert F. Kennedy

Thursday, September 20, 2012

ShoppingTips - Three Floor Shine On Dress

I have this thing, by where, when I spot a piece of clothing or accessory I love, I literally cannot stop thinking about how would I style the piece. I first spotted Three Floor on the fashionable Ashley Madekwe (you might know her by her performance on the hit show Revenge). In my eternal search for an evening gown for an event I have in December I decided to check out Three Floor's website. Whilst I did not find a gown, I did find two pieces I became smitten with (click here for their Young Heart dress). Below is my outfit rendition to the Three Floor Shine on Dress!

Three Floor shine on dress, BaubleBar studs, Fendi wallet on chain, B Brian Atwood Felicite slingback!

Items to be worn:
1. Three Floor Shine on Dress approx $271 (image via Three Floor)
2. BaubleBar Crystal Stud Earrings $40 (image via BaubleBar)
3. B Brian Atwood Felicite Slingback $149 (image via NeimanMarcus)
4. Fendi Wallet on Chain in Gray with Gold Chain $499 (image via Overstock)

See why I chose these...

Monday, September 17, 2012

QOTD - Wallis Simpson (W.E. film edition)

She has been referred to as one of The Best Dressed Women of all time by Vanity Fair, but for those not fashion obsessed she is simply known as Wallis Simpson - the woman whom a king abdicated his throne for. After watching ten minutes of Madonna's film W.E. I was hooked! the plot perfectly intertwines two love stories & contains oodles of style, as well as charming quotes. Below is my favorite line spoken in the film as said by the character of Wallis Simpson.
Wallis Simpson as portrayed in W.E.

Monday, September 10, 2012

StyleInspiration - HEDVIG OPSHAUG

I have a weakness for number crunchers turned style stars. Completely based on the fact I both study and work with numbers but have a not so secret affinity for fashion. So, naturally the Norwegian native Hedvig Opshaug (now London resident), former banker turned fashion freelancer, fast became a fave upon discovery. Style New York Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2013 is far from over, while Taylor Tomasi Hill is a reigning star (can you say wow for her shorts + trench + bright nails?), I was more excited to find the image below amidst's seasonal street style feature by Tommy Ton. Honestly, though I have been a follower of Hedvig's style on Lookbook, I did not know much about her until The Telegraph did a piece on her back in July. For interesting tidbits see below...
Hedvig Opshaug - Day 2 at NYFW via

Friday, September 7, 2012

QOTD - Oscar Wilde

Often hear the word's "it's complicated"? Here is Oscar Wilde's take on why...
Extracted from Waris Ahluwalia column

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

StyleInspiration - ALAIA ROSE BARBIER

Alaia Rose is a strong example how style transcends age. I discovered this stylish tot over the weekend on Instagram & after some research realized there is no way this young lady could be anything but a trendsetter. Her mom is fashion stylist Monica Rose aka the person behind the Kardashians & Giulana Rancic's fabulous fashion sense & dad is Sal Barbier the most stylish street skater & shoe designer. Here are some of my favorite looks by young Alaia which we can all use as inspiration for this transitional dressing period. (Bonus: You can now see young Alaia's enviable closet on The Coveteur!!)

Image via Monica Rose Instagram

Key fall items we all need (& we probably all have):
1. Denim shirt
2. Midi skirt
3. Statement necklace
4. Metallic oxfords or sandals
5. White tees or blouse
5. Leopard overcoat
6. Printed scarves
7. Colored pants
8. Loafers or Smoking slippers

See more of how these pieces were styled below

Friday, August 31, 2012

QOTD - Dani Stahl

If you are a reality TV junkie chances are you know who Dani Stahl is, she starred in E!'s reality tv show Scouted, where we got a peak at how models are discovered. Currently, she is Editor at Large for Nylon magazine, jewelry designer for Lia Sophia & an independent stylist and consultant. So what does she think no one should ever wear?

Quote via Fashionista

Thursday, August 30, 2012

ShoppingTips - Asos Aztec Strapless Dress

I am jumping the gun a bit with this post as it must be mentioned the Asos dress has yet to arrive. However, as I was falling asleep last night this outfit just came to me! I had to immortalize the look before going on with my day. So here is my future outfit!

1. Asos Aztec Strapless Dress $33.21 (image via Asos)
2. BaubleBar Onyx Glitz Drop Earrings $26.00 (image via BaubleBar)
3. Christian Louboutin Rolando Pumps $745.00 (image via NeimanMarcus)

See why I chose these...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

StyleInspiration - Fashionistas like You and Me

This past week I had my annual performance review at work, you know the job which enables me to purchase pretty things and eat yummy meals. Anyhow, these annuals check-ins are something I dread. Why, you may ask? Well as it is I am pretty critical of myself and take criticism to heart. Though, I have gotten better at convincing myself it’s not personal it is business. I still wasn't happy with the 'stable, reliable, dependable' marks. Aren't we amazing & irreplaceable? I think so!
As usual the review left me in a contemplative state... wondering & looking for signs that I am on the right track. Even though, I do not have the answers as to what path my life is to follow (I am pretty sure that is OK)... and don't we usually believe everyone else has it all figured out? So that is exactly when it hit me, in the past week, I had related to three very stylish women whose interviews I read/watched this week. So hey maybe I am on to something (and so are you)!

Let's begin with Rachel Zoe. How can a person with such a fab life be like us? Well if you caught the interview above (Part of Harper's Bazaar's The Look Web Series) Rachel discusses how far she has come along in her career. This in part because she worked hard and (most important) she was flexible. Her only goal was to be the best at her job, while continuing to try new things. Rachel states she would have never predicted she would be where she is now, ever, and it is that lack of predictability which we should be aware of. All too often we forget we have no idea where we are going and that it is OK, it’s probably somewhere fantastic anyway, as long as we pay our dues along the way.

So getting the deep stuff out of the way we can move onto fun stuff. The two remaining stylish women I related too, Lea Michele & Jaime King, were on a more superficial level: shopping & dressing. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

QOTD - Christian Louboutin

Found this amazing Christian Louboutin quote on We Heart Style blog. Adore the message - shoes transform!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Emma Stone in Calvin Klein at 2011 Golden Globes.
image via Styleite
Many of us covet the effortless style of many celebrities. In particular I adore the red carpet and street style looks of Emma Stone, Mila Kunis and Zoe Saldana. They manage to always look on trend without the "I tried too hard" look. Cue in my surprise, when flipping through the September 2012 issue of Glamour magazine, I find out they share the same stylist: Petra Flannery. Sidebar: she also styles Andrew Garfield!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

RecipeTime - Blood Orange Mimosa

Blood Orange Mimosa at Toro Restaurant
With less than a month of summer left, our days of legitimate day drinking are numbered. Inspired by many a Sunday brunch at my favorite Toro Restaurant in Boston (coming soon to NYC), I sought to recreate this delicious drink. The result was pretty successful, if I do say so myself.


1 bottle of your choice of Prosecco
1 can of San Pellegrino Blood Orange Soda
1 Orange of your choice
1 dozen ice cubes
1 Granny Smith Green Apple (optional)

In a pitcher or carafe you have laying about mix the prosecco, Pellegrino soda and ice cubes. Chop up the apple and orange into small cubes and add to pitcher. Serve immediately and impress your guests and self alike. For added presentation zest, garnish glasses with orange skin.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

QOTD - Marisa Berenson

Always a restless curious, I settled in to watch 'About Face: Supermodels Then and Now', HBO's documentary about the modeling industry throughout the past few decades. And, of this documentary I extract today's quote by legendary supermodel Marisa Berenson. I recommend the documentary if anything for the refreshingly honest interviews from the beautiful Carmen Dell'Orefice, China Machado, Christie Brinkley. Christy Turlington, Isabella Rosellini among others.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fashion Reads - Getting to Me!

Recently, I heard about a soon to be published book by Andrea Linett cofounder of Lucky Magazine. Her fashion resume is impressive to say the least, she has also worked at whom has also worked at SassyHarper's Bazaar and eBay. Reading the preview of the her book, titled 'I Want to be Her!: How Friends & Strangers Helped My Style', got me thinking. It is clear our style is an expression of our personalities which evolve as we grow and mature, but what isn't so clear is pinpointing how on earth we became the stylish persona we are today. I for instance can go off on a tangent on how I have consumed US monthlies such as Vogue, Elle, & Bazaar since I was 13, yet, it wasn't until college when I became exposed to a diverse collection of individuals from all sorts of places & with their own style perspectives, that a sense of experimenting & developing my own sense of style was truly fostered.

I cannot wait to read this book by Andrea Linett but in the meantime let me introduce you to the books that so far I can assert have influenced me stylistically.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

TheHandbagEdit - An ode to Red

I understand the inclination to veer towards muted neutral tones when it comes to accessories. Yet, colored handbags, & shoes for that matter, can easily bring together outfits as well. Take the red lip or red nails, they have long become beauty classics. Here I ask you to take a moment and consider the red bag as an alternative to your usual bag color. Though, a long time ago, I owned a Balanciaga Rouge Vif bag, we long parted ways and I have yet to fill that void. For the time being I feed my urge through street style images of lustworthy red handbags.

Feast your eyes...

Right: Hermes Kelly bag
Left: Louis Vuitton Epi Briefcase clutch
Above Images by Tommy Ton via

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

BeautyTalk - Ready in 5 minutes with only 5 products!

I have to admit for the longest time I did not understand my friends' fascination with makeup. They could spend hours at Sephora while I miserably waited for them sitting on some uncomfortable ledge. Then one day, amidst my boredom, I decided to walk around one of Sephora's Manhattan locations while the friend I was visiting shopped. It all changed...I can still remember the feeling as I tried product after product and saw my appearance slightly improving with the help of said products. In the years since I still relish trying on different products. Yet, my goal is now to look as good as possible in as little time as possible.

Currently, I have nailed my daily routine down to 5 products which take less than 5 minutes to apply - moisturizer included!

 Images via

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Travel Post - Roatan a slice of Paradise!

Hardly, do I consider myself a jet-setter nor have I been fortunate enough to tour the continents. However, in my almost three decades I have been in the constant pursuit of blending comfort, adventure and serenity during those few but precious days off of work. I believe this is all found on the island of Roatan off of the coast of Honduras. This verdict comes not after one but four trips to this beautiful island. Below are iPhone snapshots of my recent trip there!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

QOTD - Nora Ephron

In honor of the passing of Nora Ephron I am sharing a funny quote on her about enjoying our youth! I believe her films Sleepless in Seattle and You've got Mail are the top romantic comedies of all time. (and almost everyone remembers When Harry Met Sally....) RIP Nora.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ShoppingTips - My Picks - Summer Holiday Dresses via Shopbop

In honor of the Extra 15% Shopbop (with promo code EXTRA15) is providing over the next three days I have curated my top 3 dresses currently on sale that will take you from walking around the local towns to dinner and nights out! All over 50% off!

All images via Shopbop.

Rachel Pally Marley Strapless Dress. Originally $207, Now $87.98

Sunday, June 17, 2012

ShoppingTips - Transitional Outfit - Take 1

Among my friends I am notoriously known for never paying retail value for my clothing and accessories. Of course, there are exceptions, but those usually apply to "high street" stores. Here is my first outfit suggestion made up entirely of items currently on sale. Each of the pieces can give you tons of use! For example the AW Fumo Bag can be used as a clutch for nights out but carried in your bag during daytime for your makeup essentials, the GZ sandals can rock any outfit during spring-fall and then worn with black matte tights during colder times, lastly the Monrow dress is perfect for work days and cocktail nights out. All items and images from ShopBop (All items are currently 30-70% off!!).

Items: Monrow Midi Bustier dress, Giuseppe Zanotti Leopard Print sandals, Alexander Wang Fumo Bag.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Friday, June 8, 2012

BeautyTalk - Feed your skin Organically!

The work week is coming to a slow end and I am sitting at my desk feeling the effects of a night out. Dry skin, puffy eyes and complete exhaustion. Skin is, amazingly, our biggest asset: a subtle first impression without uttering a word. What we do and eat is all showed via our skin. So I am definitely regretting not washing my face last night and moisturizing. However, I am pretty good at sticking to my routine, so one night won't kill me and I am ready to share with you how I feed my skin in addition to drinking tons of water, yoga and some cardio.

These are my recommended products for keeping skin glowing and youthful! All are organic! (click on name for purchase info)

  1. Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser.
  2. Alba Botanica Jasmine and Vitamin E Moisturizer
  3. Ole Henriksen Total Truth Eye Crème SPF 15
  4. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster
  5. Korres Wild Rose Face and Eye Serum
  6. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I basically use products in the order they were listed day and night, except at nighttime I substitute EVOO in place of the Alba Botanica moisturizer.

Monday, June 4, 2012

QOTD - Gabourey Sidibe

Today's quote comes from one of my new favorite TV shows: The Conversation. It epitomizes strong women encouraging and empowering other women through words of wisdom and experience. The show airs Thursday nights on Lifetime at 11pm EST.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

ShoppingTips - Everyday essentials...

Living in New England can only mean one thing: crazy weather! Therefore, it is best to have a set of basics that will help you feel put together regardless of the rest of what is on you. These are a few of my items I cannot live without. J. Crew sweater, Rag & Bone high rise skinnies, Tory Burch Eddie flats, & Charles Phillip smoking slippers. However, at least five days a week I carry these items with me regardless of moods & weather:  MZ Wallace metro tote, Rebecca Minkoff pouch, Chanel J12 ceramic watch, Etsy personalized silver ring, BananaRepublic Cubic zirconia stud earrings & Essie red nail polish. I guess my keys & wallet go with me everywhere too!

How I Styled: Rag & Bone Pewter Jean

Given it is summerish time, I did not think these would get any attention until September. Yet, the weather disagreed. Here is my simple look for  a nice dinner with good company. H&M blouse, Rag&Bone jeans, Miu Miu shoes, Alexander Wang bag, Lanvin x H&M belt worn as necklace, Kenneth Jay Lane ring.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

SpotlightOn - Fashion Month

There is no month as exciting for me as "Fashion Week" months. Particularly, that of the Spring/Summer seasons. I look forward to waking up each day and glancing through the slides of complete collections on, going through the tweets of my favorite fashion editors, but mostly, I cherish looking through the Street Style albums of photographers such as Tommy TonPhil Oh, and the original Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist. Thanks to these individuals I feel like I too am enjoying and observing the actions. Just like the two ladies below. Until September, visits to their sites keep me happy and inspired.

Image by Tommy Ton via

Lusting over...

Currently, and I mean for the past three weeks, I have been obsessing about the new Cayenne Pre-Fall 2012 color which Alexander Wang is debuting in his Rocco bags. He is also introducing a new style called the Rocky.  Ahh isn't it gorge! The color is now available for pre-order at Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, in the mini-Rocco and Rocco styles.
Image via club21global


Disclaimer: this is not a blog that strives to become a dictator of trends. Rather it is a sort of personal journal; sharing likes & inspiration, albeit fashion inclined.

What is Fashion + Serendipity you may ask? Simply put it is when the forces of nature collide and result with a great outfit, lust-worthy purchase or a moment of inspiration caused by chance and evident through creative expression.