Sunday, June 17, 2012

ShoppingTips - Transitional Outfit - Take 1

Among my friends I am notoriously known for never paying retail value for my clothing and accessories. Of course, there are exceptions, but those usually apply to "high street" stores. Here is my first outfit suggestion made up entirely of items currently on sale. Each of the pieces can give you tons of use! For example the AW Fumo Bag can be used as a clutch for nights out but carried in your bag during daytime for your makeup essentials, the GZ sandals can rock any outfit during spring-fall and then worn with black matte tights during colder times, lastly the Monrow dress is perfect for work days and cocktail nights out. All items and images from ShopBop (All items are currently 30-70% off!!).

Items: Monrow Midi Bustier dress, Giuseppe Zanotti Leopard Print sandals, Alexander Wang Fumo Bag.

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