Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fashion Reads - Getting to Me!

Recently, I heard about a soon to be published book by Andrea Linett cofounder of Lucky Magazine. Her fashion resume is impressive to say the least, she has also worked at whom has also worked at SassyHarper's Bazaar and eBay. Reading the preview of the her book, titled 'I Want to be Her!: How Friends & Strangers Helped My Style', got me thinking. It is clear our style is an expression of our personalities which evolve as we grow and mature, but what isn't so clear is pinpointing how on earth we became the stylish persona we are today. I for instance can go off on a tangent on how I have consumed US monthlies such as Vogue, Elle, & Bazaar since I was 13, yet, it wasn't until college when I became exposed to a diverse collection of individuals from all sorts of places & with their own style perspectives, that a sense of experimenting & developing my own sense of style was truly fostered.

I cannot wait to read this book by Andrea Linett but in the meantime let me introduce you to the books that so far I can assert have influenced me stylistically.

Let us begin with a few of Nina Garcia's books: 'The Little Book of Style', 'The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own', & 'The Style Strategy'.  Garcia is the former creative director of US Elle & current fashion director of US Marie Claire. She brings to each of these books an immense amount of knowledge, which we are all lucky to be recipients of. It is difficult to convey how each of these influenced me, but there is one particular lesson I do not forget. In one of these she shares her shopping motto (which to this day I apply): If you cannot see an item fit into at least outfits, with items in your current wardrobe, it is not worth purchasing. If not for the illustrations by Ruben Toledo & the quotes from personas such as Diane von Furstenberg, the editorial eye Nina attempts to train us with will do wonders for you going forward.

The remain notable mentions are 'Influence' by Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen as well as 'The Sartorialist: Closer' by Scott Schuman. I believe the reason I am drawn to both of these is because in each of these two books we get a closer image at the persona behind the book. We get to learn whom has influenced each or whom are they drawn too. Needless to say each of the three have made an immense imprint in the Fashion world. Mary Kate & Ashley created a boho chic/Balenciaga motorcycle bag revolution & Scott Schuman was one of the pioneer street style photographers. It is difficult to imagine what the fashion world would be without Mary Kate, Ashley & Scott and I am glad we all get the opportunity to hold a bit of them in our homes.

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