Sunday, August 26, 2012

StyleInspiration - Fashionistas like You and Me

This past week I had my annual performance review at work, you know the job which enables me to purchase pretty things and eat yummy meals. Anyhow, these annuals check-ins are something I dread. Why, you may ask? Well as it is I am pretty critical of myself and take criticism to heart. Though, I have gotten better at convincing myself it’s not personal it is business. I still wasn't happy with the 'stable, reliable, dependable' marks. Aren't we amazing & irreplaceable? I think so!
As usual the review left me in a contemplative state... wondering & looking for signs that I am on the right track. Even though, I do not have the answers as to what path my life is to follow (I am pretty sure that is OK)... and don't we usually believe everyone else has it all figured out? So that is exactly when it hit me, in the past week, I had related to three very stylish women whose interviews I read/watched this week. So hey maybe I am on to something (and so are you)!

Let's begin with Rachel Zoe. How can a person with such a fab life be like us? Well if you caught the interview above (Part of Harper's Bazaar's The Look Web Series) Rachel discusses how far she has come along in her career. This in part because she worked hard and (most important) she was flexible. Her only goal was to be the best at her job, while continuing to try new things. Rachel states she would have never predicted she would be where she is now, ever, and it is that lack of predictability which we should be aware of. All too often we forget we have no idea where we are going and that it is OK, it’s probably somewhere fantastic anyway, as long as we pay our dues along the way.

So getting the deep stuff out of the way we can move onto fun stuff. The two remaining stylish women I related too, Lea Michele & Jaime King, were on a more superficial level: shopping & dressing. 

I was extremely surprised when I read in People magazine's Style Watch that Lea Michele, part of the very successful Glee cast, is a pretty conscious shopper. Takeaways from her interview:
1. Be inspired by your surroundings - New York City has modeled her style.
2. "Always look for the half price sales"- my advice is when you find something you love, keep your eye on it, eventually 90% of items can be found on sale.
3. Splurge once in a while on key investment pieces: “Every six months or so, I will do the one nice bag, or the one nice pair of shoes, or the one nice piece of jewelry” (build your wardrobe does not equal fill your closet).

Onto my last fashionista, Jaime King, whose effortless ladylike chic I adore on CW's Hart of Dixie. (Sidebar: Cannot wait until Lemon Bishop & Zoe Hart come back into my life this fall). So why not follow her style philosophy, which she relayed to FabSugar: "Find your best feature and accentuate it. Something you feel really confident in. I really like, I guess, my neck and my shoulders. So I try to wear things that accentuate that." This is great because when you wear something you are confident in it shows; that is when an effortless look is achieved. Also, by accentuating the positive we lose some of our insecurities because rather than focusing on camouflaging that which we do not like we are focused on celebrating that which we love.

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