Wednesday, December 26, 2012

BeautyTalk - eSalon Hair Color System

Confession time: I have been dyeing my hair since I was 12 years old. Queue the look of horror! However, it is safe to say I have years of experience. It all started when my hair begun going darker than the blonde locks I was born with, and, I was adamant about remaining blonde. Then in college I decided I rather go for a sophisticated brunette color, just slightly darker than my natural color. Yet, anyone who dyes their hair knows the process is prone to problems such as not enough pigmentation per strand, brassiness or fading dye jobs which have to be re-colored a little too soon. For all the above problems and more I recommend the eSalon DIY hair color.

I will give you clear reasons as to why I loved this system:
  1. Customization: I entered my concerns about brassiness and they were quickly addressed by a specialist. (see my box on my Instagram)
  2. Cost: This is a personally customized item that is fewer than 25 dollars per order. (Less than the now discontinued Frederic Fekkai Salon Color) Think of this product like the bespoke of hair coloring!
  3. Fast Delivery: I received my color system in under a week & when my original shipment went missing a replacement was sent out ASAP!
  4. Rich Color: My hair (finally!) achieved the exact shade of ash dark brown I had been seeking. (Not even my beauty salon has achieved this exact color I wanted).
  5. Long-Lasting: It has been a little over half a month, right when I begin to notice fading, and my color remains as rich and healthy looking as the first day.
  6. Auto-delivery plan: As a busy person the last thing I need is to continuously wonder when to place my next hair color order. By signing up for eSalon's recurring delivery plan I can scratch one task off my to-do list.

This is the first item I dedicate a blog post for a review. I did not get this for free nor at any discount. I discovered the website after my mom read about it in one of her mags and decided to go for it. I cannot stop boasting about how in love I am with my COLOR!! As the new year approaches and we are making our resolutions to put our best foot forward - giving eSalon hair color a chance will help you achieve that!

Bonus - click my invite link for $10 dollars off your first order! (No promo code required the page will appear with the offer upon clicking the link)


  1. I love eSalon! I've been using them for almost a year now and couldn't be happier with my color. When I thought it was a tad too dark, they adjusted it on the next shipment and then sent an email to see how I liked the new color. I think everyone should try them!

    1. agree!! the color precision vs what i want is better than any salon i've been too!