Thursday, January 24, 2013

QOTD - Cameron Russell

If you are a Refinery29 follower you might have picked up on the Ted Talk they highlighted where Cameron Rusell, a ten year model veteran, spoke honestly about modeling. It is a talk I believe anyone remotely interested in fashion, modeling, & photography should hear. She ended the speech with the quote below. This message can resonate with anyone and in any aspect of life. So many times perception, which is relative, defines how we feel about ourselves and our accomplishments.

Cameron Russell on Image, Perception, Success & Failure

Watch the whole talk below! And then read in Vogue Australia how Cameron was surprised by the reception her talk received.

Love how wisdom comes from the most unexpected places!

Interesting facts about Cameron:
  • Boston, MA born and Cambridge bred girl!
  • Attended Wellesley College and graduated from Columbia University (she is smart!)
  • Her mom, Robin Chase, was one of the co-founders of ZipCar! (brains run in the family)

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