Wednesday, January 16, 2013

ShoppingTips - Embracing Brights (in Winter!)

I went a little far with purchases in December. (But the sales were too good to pass up!) So, I have been behaving and focusing on using my recent purchases. However, I always browse sales because you never know when that can enhance your wardrobe will be at an attainable price. Inspired by Fabsugar's New Year's Resolution #2 to embrace brights I have kept an eye out on a coat or jacket that could take my New England winter neutrals to new levels. Behold the items available at J Crew that can help you do just that! The coat is very Valentino a la Caroline Sieber style!

J Crew fuchsia coat, leather and cashmere
turquoise gloves & purple merino sweater

J. Crew Double-cloth symphony coat in Vibrant Fuchsia $83.99 from $350! (image via J Crew)
J. Crew Cashmere lined leather gloves in Fresh Turquoise $27.99 from $118 (image via J Crew)
J. Crew Merino crewneck sweater in Standard Purple $20.99 from $78 (image via J Crew)

Prices with promo code STYLEFIND (30% off all sale prices & free shipping over $100)

*If you were to purchase all three items you save $413!! (or 75.6%) Now that is a bright lining!

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