Tuesday, April 9, 2013


The question on everyone's mind seems to be: What do I wear to a Spring Wedding? Everyone from Popsugar & Rachel Zoe have featured posts on this! As a person that does not really go to many weddings I take the 'dressing for' part extremely seriously. This past weekend I attended a beautiful wedding in Alabama held in a historic house in downtown Mobile. As wedding season begins, and many will begin to fill their weekends with wedding events, why not take inspiration from this weekend's bridesmaids' flowers and stand out in an accessibly stylish dress.
ASOS Midi Dress In Empire Floral Print, ONE by Kayu Jen Straw
Minaudiere & Jimmy Choo Lang Sandal

ASOS Midi Dress In Empire Floral Print $62.44 (image via ASOS)
ONE by Kayu Jen Straw Minaudiere $170 (image via Shopbop)
Jimmy Choo Lang Sandal $775 (image via Nordstrom)

This look is perfect for those weddings that begin in the afternoon and go into the night. The dress' color-scheme will make you stand out amongst the midst of ladies that stick to their little black dresses. And the clutch is so unique that it will stand out at the fancy party as well as for the cocktail evening on your summer getaway. As for the shoes, I love looking my best at the least cost possible, but, sometimes you just have to pay the big bucks and spring for the Jimmy Choos which aren't on sale. These three items will provide tons of mileage as you incorporate them into your existing sartorial collection.

Alternative: If you do not already own a pair of black strappy sandals this pair from Schutz (image below via Shopbop) can provide the look you need at a fraction of cost of the Jimmy Choos!
Schutz Shen Sandal - Black

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