Wednesday, May 22, 2013

StyleInspiration - CANNES "WORKS" THE MIDI

If you have been paying attention to the Cannes 2013 red carpet style you may have noticed the Midi Skirt is here and proud! Jennifer Lawrence in Dior, Nicole Kidman in Dior Haute Couture, Naomi Watts in Dolce & Gabbana, newcomer Sonam Kapoor in Elie Saab, and the list goes on but I think we get the picture. On the red carpet the Midi silhouette has allowed these ladies to showcase amazing shoes that typically would be hidden beneath floor length gowns. Celebs have also worn midi looks at many other events (loved Solange Knowles in J.Crew at Coachella!) and they were all over A/W 2013 runway shows. However, my favorite place to wear midis is to work!

Jennifer Lawrence, Naomi Watts & Nicole Kidman work Midis
at Cannes 2013 film festival (L to R images via
As a walking to work commuter you might encounter certain climate issues that affect your sartorial choices. Spring is windy and rainy, which causes potentially flashing innocent bystanders, and the summer is simply too hot for any fabric to be close to your body. (Or you might also be hyper-sensitive as to not offend coworkers with anything too short).

Midi skirts in New Floral Print, Floral Cream Lace, Yellow
Stitch Waist Detail & Oriental Print (clockwise: images via ASOS)

Midi Skirt in New Floral Print $84.85 (image via ASOS)
Midi Skirt in Floral Cream Lace $54.30 (image via ASOS)
Midi Skirt in Yellow Stitch Waist Detail $47.52 (image via ASOS
Midi Skirt in Oriental Print $76.36 (image via ASOS)

I have to admit the first midi I purchased was with great hesitation. At 5'3 I am hardly tall and I do not have mile long stems, therefore, I feared it would chop off my frame. The result was anything but... In my opinion it is incredibly flattering and ladylike when fitted at the waist area. Not to mention the length and cut of these A line skirts prevents any tripping over long hems and inadvertently showing your lady bits with shorter cuts. For work I usually pair these skirts with ballerina flats and upgrade to wedges for social daytime activities and sandals for nights! Try them out!

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