Tuesday, May 14, 2013

ShoppingTips - COZY CROCHET

The thought of crochet might take you back to images of your Nana diligently stitching together patterns with these funny looking sticks, or, in my case, it causes flashbacks to your home EC classes where you forced to master the technique. Needless to say, typically speaking, crochet does not elicit images of high fashion. Yet this delicate and breathable fabric is the perfect antidote to hot summer days when running around clothe-less is not an option. Whether you have a date, dinner with the girls, a beach soiree or an afternoon outdoor lunch, one of these dresses is perfect for you!

& Black Crochet Village Midi Dress (Clockwise: all images via ASOS)

White Crochet Shift Dress with Cut Out Back $93.34 (image via ASOS)
Yellow Crochet Shift Dress $71.27 (image via ASOS)
Black Crochet Village Midi Dress with V Back And Neck $76.36 (image via ASOS)

I wish I could get them all! But at those prices we most like should!

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