Monday, July 29, 2013

BeautyTalk - Boston Body Barre DVDs

It is my belief that exercise is the fountain of youth. Exercise is the best feel good and look good acquisition we can make. However, I have to admit I am not a gym person. Throughout the years, I have joined and subsequently quit more gyms than I care to share. My theory is that, for me, working out is me time, meaning me and only me, and that simply will not happen in a gym. So, I am constantly on the lookout for workouts I can do at home, and, it is a harder task than you can imagine. Up to recently my workout circulation consisted of runs around the Charles River, Rainbeau Mars yoga & a variety of BeFit's pilates workouts, but, I craved more. So when Gilt City had a promo for Boston Body's Barre DVDs, back in March, I decided to get both and see how it went.

It has now been a few months since these two workouts, BOSTON BODY BARRE & BOSTON BODY BARRE Sculpt Express, went into rotation and I think it is time to share my findings! (Disclaimer: any review I post is out mere belief in the product and due to no personal gain other than sharing what works for me). Both DVDs are by Zayna Gold, the program director for Boston Body, a pilates and barre studio with five locations, as well as teacher training coursework, that has been in business since 1989! Zayna calls her DVDs an "exclusive Pilates and Cardio based fitness program that will transform your body in just 30 sessions." (You can view more previews of her workouts on Boston Body's YouTube channel).

In preparation for my new Boston Body DVDs I purchased a theraband and looked for a playground ball or small exercise ball since both Boston Body DVDs claimed to use the props. (This is not true as the Sculpt Express DVD uses no props, other than a barre or chair). I can tell you that probably for the first month I did alternate the DVDs and did each one every other week panting, huffing and puffing. Keep in mind, though not a studio practitioner, I have exercised fairly consistently for the majority of my life. My thighs (and butt) killed but I loved the barre moves channeled the little girl in me that always dreamed of being a ballerina. At first, the music seemed overwhelming, too much going between trying to keep up and the loud beats, but once I understood the moves, I began to love how the music puts you in a good mood and keeps you going.
Currently, I aim at doing each of the Boston Body DVDs once a week in conjunction with a run or two and a yoga session here and there. I still feel the pain and huff and puff, but surprisingly, Zayna is right, you do begin to enjoy the intensity. Plus, others have noticed a change in my legs aka the problem area. And my butt is perkier than I thought possible, not to mention a significant decrease in cellulite (not afraid to admit I have it!). Previously, I thought I had it as good as it could get when it came to slimming my lower body but then Zayna came into my life and she can come into yours as well with a few clicks! If you are to purchase one maybe the BOSTON BODY BARRE Sculpt Express is the way to go given you need no additional props, but, the BOSTON BODY BARRE workout is slightly longer and more complete. With these DVDs I can totally see myself joining Gwyneth Paltrow in her possession of "the butt of a 22 year old stripper." Haha, no, really!

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