Monday, July 8, 2013


I feel like come July, maybe because we have crossed the year's midpoint, always calls for a need for fresh inspiration and additions to the sartorial collection. Intermix is well known for having a knack at perfectly curated pieces each season, I also happen to love their sales, but, that is off topic. Many of the pieces they sell can only be found within their stores, cue in Hunting Season, a collection of exotic skin handbags by Danielle Corona. The added elements of uniqueness and simplicity are somewhat appealing in this current time when everyone and anyone is carrying the said handbag of the moment, like say the CĂ©line luggage tote.

Keeping it simple here are top five reasons I want to own a Hunting Season bag:
  1. Material and construction: the use of exotic skins in overtly simple yet practical designs, free of logos, translates into effortless luxury.
  2. Price: You can pay $1,800 USD for a printed canvas hobo at Louis Vuitton or invest $200 more in an over-sized Hunting Season python hobo, call me crazy but I'd go for the python!
  3. Rarity: At this time these are not widely available so chances are you won't be one of five carrying the same bag whilst shopping the shoe section at Barney's.
  4. Color: I am a sucker for color! Quite frankly, the main reason I have yet to make a purchase is because I cannot decide and commit to a color choice.
  5. Pedigree: Though founded in 2006 this is a relatively young brand. It's youth and background, the designer is of Cuban descent, American raised, honed work experience in Italy (with stints at Valentino and VBH) and currently resides in Bogota, Colombia, appeal to a multicultural society which is ever-present in the midst of Globalization.  
One day I will commit to a color choice! As for now I will continue to ogle these beauties!

Note - Previously, Hunting Season offered Bespoke production of bags and accessories, yet, their bespoke page no longer appears to be linked to their website's menu.

P.S. I am not the only one whose eye has been caught by this amazing brand, in fact, they have received tons of press throughout the years.

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