Monday, August 19, 2013

ShoppingTips - The Quilted Jacket

I have been in the pursuit of the perfect quilted jacket for months...(I sometimes believe I, albeit unknowingly, predict trends). Then WhoWhatWear's e-newsletter arrived in my mailbox with a link to their post on "the timelessly cool quilted jacket," and, I knew it was time to up the efforts.

Quilted Bomber Jacket Street Style snap (image via StyleCab)

Quilted Pilot Jacket $69.95 (image via H&M)

Call it what you will, I do not reason with my sartorial desires, instead, I patiently wait and seek out the items that fill the void. But, when money is a factor, the wait can be a long one. However, I confidently endorse these Asos jackets are as perfect options to fill your need to obtain a quilted jacket or, maybe, just a cool sporty bomber is what you are looking for! (Especially because all three options are under $100!).

UPDATE: H&M now has the perfect quilted bomber jacket (though they call it a pilot jacket) available!

from $860 (image via Shopbop)
UPDATE 2: As stated above I firmly believe in the patient pursuit of the perfect item. My belief further reinforced when I serendipitously came across the jacket aka April, May's Bono Quilted Leather Jacket in a bright red marked down 70% off at Shopbop!! What more can I ask for?! Click, click, purchased and now we wait for the UPS man to deliver!  

Quilted Bomber Jackets under $100 (image info below L to R)
  1. ASOS Bomber Jacket In Quilted Fabric $84.38 (image via ASOS). Never be afraid to borrow from the boys!
  2. ASOS CURVE Exclusive Bomber Jacket With Quilting Detail $81.00 (image via ASOS)
  3. Bellfield Quilted Bomber Jacket orig. $92.82 now $55.69 (image via ASOS)
You know you are doing something right when Rachel Zoe's The Zoe Report uses same photo you did as inspiration for a baseball jacket edit! (a month a half later!)

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