Thursday, August 29, 2013

ShoppingTips - Back to School

Summer is officially over in a few days and we are all well aware of it. Nights are chillier and, in Boston, the throes of returning students are hard to ignore. Among these students is my baby sister and helping her settle in got me thinking on what recommendations would I give incoming and returning students, beyond the basics they hear about. No one really has time at this point in the year and everyone is overwhelmed so I will keep it clear and concise:

Buy now:

  1. MZ Wallace Metro tote $175 - shown in Kingsport grey (image via MZ Wallace)You will need a durable bag that can take a beating and fit everything and I do mean everything. Watch the cool metro tote clip on the MZ Wallace site, if you don't believe me, plus they have the bag in an array of colors and you can throw in the wash if anything spills (I do).
  2. Marc by Marc Jacobs techno key pouch $68 - shown in rose holographic (image via Nordstrom). This little thing will become your best friend, in addition to your phone, it will remain with you always. Why? Because you can keep your student id, metro card and keys all in one place. Realistically, that is all you need while on campus (a bright color makes it easy to spot).
  3.  Rag & Bone Portobello Trousers $69 - orig $176 in vintage army from Barneys Warehouse. Merely because these are awesome pants you can wear when you are over skinny jeans and/or need to add tights underneath thanks to the dropping temps but your skinny jeans do not allow room for that.
  4. Equipment Leighton Boxy Blouse $79.50 - orig $218 in white (image via Intermix). The white blouse is like the white tee in that you really should not be able to live without it and, if purchased correctly, will be with you for years & through many a college presentation, job interview, and even the occasional dinner date.
  5. April, May Bono quilted leather jacket $258 - orig $860 in fluorescent red flash (image via Shopbop). Like I repeat below: an awesome jacket will up the ante on the simplest of outfits. This one hits all the right notes: leather, bright color, unique construction & heavily discounted (70% off)!

Additional things to note:
  • Personal Style need not be sacrificed! First impressions count so keep your style simple and easy aka develop a uniform: Jeans & t-shirts are no fuss items (no ironing required) that are completed with an array of jackets. Invest in these building blocks of your wardrobe.
  • Organization tools help - whether hanging up as many items in a closet (these no slip velvet hangers at 50 for $30 are amaze & last forever) for quick access or purchasing pens in assorted colors to make additional comments on study/class notes, developing a system keeps you efficient. Furthermore, your best resource is the Amazon Student membership! You get prime free for 6 months this means fast & free two day shipping of anything you need at the best possible price.
  • Shop smart - let's get real, time is something that you will never have enough off, so take advantage of study breaks to browse sales online & rock the discounts that many retailers provide  to students only, all the while relieve stress and get the items delivered to your door. (J.Crew & ASOS are my faves)

You are now fully immersed in school and perhaps still feel like some things are missing?  I am here to help! In my search for a fall bag for one of my sister's I came across these insane finding on Barney's Warehouse store all by Deux Lux:

For going out - Deux Lux Sequined gunmetal bow clutch $39, orig $135
For keeping your hard earned money - Deux Lux Biscayne gold zip around wallet $55, orig $75
For upping the ante on your day look - Deux Lux Oversized stud empire hobo in black $79, orig $185 (also available in a reddish orange)
For when you need not extras - Deux Lux Gigi Key Chain pouch in pink & gold $9, orig $30

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