Tuesday, September 10, 2013

BeautyTalk - THE BROW

fashion show, New York. (image via Barbara Fialho Instagram)
Browsing through the many behind the scenes shots during the ongoing New York Fashion week I loved seeing that the fierce brow is still going strong! Now, sadly we are not all blessed with the brows divinely bestowed on Barbara Fialho, or Camilla Belle (my brow goddesses), but we all can make the best of what we have got. Here are some tips to get your best brow forward!

  1. Go dark - fierce blond brow: said no one ever. Chiara Ferragni, from The Blonde Salad, is a great example of blonde going darker for brows. Depending on where you live you can have salons dye your eyebrows, unfortunately, Massachusetts bans the practice so I do it myself at home! Use q-tip to outline brows with Vaseline to control staining, mix preferred at home color kit, & use q-tips to apply onto brows. Once time is up: thoroughly wash face and apply exfoliating mask to get rid of any stains. (I use eSalon color & follow with REN Glyclol Lactic Radiance renewal mask)
  2. Go clean - The only way a flower bush is seen is by removing the weeds that grow around it. So, too, is it imperative we wax or thread our brows on the regular! I schedule my brow waxes right after dyeing brows, so I get a beautiful shape and absolutely no stain left-behind. Elements of a good wax job include: trimming, removal and tweezing of brows, whilst, keep natural brow shape. In between shaping sessions keep a good pair of tweezers to remove any strays. (Tweezerman is awesome!)
  3. Go full - Once you have your brows the color you want, it's time to create fullness by filling in areas where your brows lack a bit with a good eyebrow pencil or shadow. I recommend
    Lancôme 'Le Crayon Poudre' in Sable (I have used it for about ten years!) 
Remember, the eyes are the windows to our soul! That means framing them is of utmost importance! 

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