Tuesday, September 17, 2013

StyleInspiration - OZWALD BOATENG

We are at the half-point of "fashion month" right now, and, for those of us watching from a far, this is a great time to reflect and learn about the creative process and journey designers undertake with each runway show they present, new store they open, etc. On the heels of London Fashion Week, I find it an opportune time, to suggest a foray into menswear with Ozwald Boateng's documentary "A Man's Story."

The world as a whole is highly fixated on women's fashion and that has worked just fine. However, isn't it fascinating to lend just a bit of attention to that which is foreign to you? For me, that has always been fashion for the male species, given, I grew up in a household dominated by females (six sisters, mom, dad and one baby brother - to be exact). Yet, I always admired and appreciated the clean lines embraced by men in a good jacket, tailored pants, and perfect fitting shirts, but, I didn't know much about what went into it. So, when I came across Boateng's journey (filmed over twelve years), I embraced the opportunity to get a peak behind the scenes of Savile Row, so to speak (in 1994 Boateng became the youngest and first black tailor to have a store on the row), and gain exposure into the foreign lands of menswear.

My Verdict: Whether you watch the film for sartorial inspiration, an insight into a young Ghanian's journey, or for the depiction of a tough market we know nothing of; I guarantee you this film will likely expose you to a journey unlike that detailed in the other designer documentaries with heavy dissemination. I for one took-away an admiration for a passionate man, not only invested in his business, but, proud of his Ghanian heritage, whilst, working to foster growth in the Africa, breaking many of mold of what one would expect.

Watch on Amazon or Netflix today!

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