Friday, October 11, 2013

SpotlightOn - Nausheen Shah

Nausheen Shah (image via MusingsinFeminity)
Ever find yourself wondering who is that girl? That happened to me several times these past few weeks when I spotted countless images of Nausheen Shah but none mentioned her name! When I saw her in different images with two of my fave fashionistas: Erica Pelosini & Olivia Palermo I knew I needed to know more.

Turns out Shah is quite the style veteran & has held roles in everything from design to editing to home decor. What else should you know about Nausheen Shah?

  1. Her cultural background is a mix: born in Wisconsin to Pakistani and Persian parents, she has lived everywhere from New York to Sevilla.
  2. She has her own blog: A Shah's Life
  3. Her design experience includes roles at Catherine Malandrino and Zac Posen.
  4. Currently, you can find her thoughts as fashion contributor for New York Post's “Alexa”, a luxe travel contributor for the New York Post and fashion and accessories editor for
  5. What I like about her: she wears the look not the brand! It is rare to find a street style that isn't a slave to specific design houses or trends. Yet, when you see images of Nausheen, the trends are a background interpretation of her true self (at least in my opinion!).
Definitely one to watch!Be sure to bookmark her blog and follow Nausheen on Instagram!

Nausheen Shah Fall Fashion inspiration (image info below)

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