Wednesday, October 30, 2013

SpotlightOn - Nifti (#ShoppingGameChanger)

Nifti price drop alert email received by moi!
If you live in Boston chances are there is no greater event on your mind than the World Series, if you live anywhere else Halloween is your day, but, I am here to remind you that the Holidays are right around the corner! Now, unless you are one of the few people out there that has complete disregard for budgets, chances are you want to maximize your gifting potential whilst remaining prudent, right? All you need is +Nifti!

I know Nifti sounds like verbiage your parents would use when referring to something "cool." But this tool, backed by +Google ventures,  will truly revolutionize your shopping habits! Whether you are a guy shopping for his significant other, a mom trying to make her kids' wishlists or just a very good friend looking to treat the people in your life; Nifti will help you do just that!

How to setup:
  1. Create log in.
  2. Drag bookmark to toolbar
Start tracking:
  1. Find what you want
  2. Click on your 'Track with Nifti' bookmark on toolbar
  3. Select desired price: you can choose a specific amount or percentage drop
  4. Add to different lists (for example I currently have a wedding list for items that I am watching for a wedding I have early next year and I have an apartment list for items I want for my redecorating project) and continue shopping!

When to buy?
  • Nifti will email you as soon as the price drops to your desired amount or lower as it happened to me a couple of weeks ago! 
  • You can also see the price trends, since you begun watching an item on Nifti, to help you determine whether you should go ahead and get at the current price or wait a bit more.
  • Also, say you bought a big ticket item (like a sofa), that you have been tracking, and the price subsequently drops? Cue the horror! However, if it is still within your return window, Nifti has enabled you with that knowledge to give the retailer's customer service (for example: West Elm) call a line and put those funds back in your bank account!

This is not a paid advertisement. I am, solely, sharing my love for team +Nifti. Download the app and give serendipity a nudge by taking the team with you. Honestly, the only reason I can see for not embracing +Nifti is complete stubbornness and pursuit to spend more than you have too!

P.S. Also, love they are a Boston start-up! (can't help but root for all the talent growing here!)

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