Thursday, November 28, 2013

QOTD - Rick Springfield

Image via The Sassy One

In a throwback to the man behind the song of my birth era, and my utmost admiration for pure Serendipity, I highlight Rick Springfield's quote on what he is thankful for. 

Makes absolute sense no? 

The way life happens...

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

StyleInspiration - A Fashionista's Leather Dress

The leather dress (Image via NobodyKnowsMarc)
My home redecorating project has encouraged me to swiftly dispose of magazines, rather than let them pile up. So, in an attempt to get something out of my subscriptions, I flipped through several mags this weekend in order to ensure any good info would be retained and not missed. So glad I did!
The December InStyle magazine has a feature on the Leather Dress. Truthfully, I have been coveting a leather dress but haven't had the cojones to jump the gun, so this nudge from InStyle is just what I needed!

Here are my picks for THE Leather Dress for you (organized by fashionista muse)!

Friday, November 22, 2013

QOTD - S. Leonard Rubenstein

Curiosity by S. Leonard Rubinstein (via iNeedMotivation)

I constantly hear Steve Jobs words in my head: "stay hungry, stay foolish" as a way to encourage the inquisitive and youthful mind.

As a quote gatherer, I, took it a step further and, found these eloquent words on what it means to be "hungry" aka curious.

Not sure who S. Leonard Rubinstein is but I welcome humility and an earnest passion for learning!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

TheHandbagEdit - The Making of an Hermès Kelly

Tommy Ton's image of Garance Doré which sparked my
love & admiration for the Hermès Kelly (image via
Recently, my life has been all work and responsibility, with little to no time for indulging in my creative interests. That said, today I had the opportunity to, somewhat, mesh the two. You see every two weeks each member of the cross-departmental team, which I am part of, meets to share what they are currently working on. Given we all have very different roles a sort of icebreaker was introduced in which each week every team-member answers a question procured by the head of our group. Today, the question was: "What would you like to see manufactured if you had the opportunity to visit any factory in the world?"

 I let the question marinate. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

BeautyTalk - BEST OF SEPHORA 2013 (The Glow Edition)

Clockwise: Boscia Tsubaki Oil, Benefit Watts Up!, Boscia BB Cream,
Fresh Sugar balm and shine, & Clarisonic Mia (all images via Sephora)
I have been a bit quiet on the blog (life simply catches up to you sometimes!), but, I know when it is time to speak up! Today +Sephora begins a five day beauty event where you can get 20% off any purchase!! THIS IS HUGE!! If you are a beauty connoisseur you know that makeup and skincare simply never gets discounted and we must pounce on this (online at use promo code VIBTOPIA at checkout). Here are my suggestions focused on my obsession with achieving that youthful dewy glow!  I swear by these everyday!!