Tuesday, December 3, 2013

ShoppingTips - Holiday Glam (Party Attire!)

Wedding place setting (image via OnceWed)
With all the craziness that the holidays entail, sometimes, people decide to get married around these days! Now weddings are definitely cause for celebration, but, it happens that finding the perfect dress to wear to said events falls way down the priority list. Invariably leaving us at a loss as to what to wear for these occasions!

Enter FashSerendipity and some amazing options that will ensure you go about your merry way focusing on what really matters aka the holidays!

Given my Latin background I have a tendency to think of weddings as black tie events in which trends must only be embraced in a subdued way. On that note the two gowns below by Three Floor ensure you maintain an up to date look whilst remaining classic in silhouette.

If you embrace an edgier look (and all power to you!) the dresses below would ensure you retain the cool chick title!

And, lastly, if the wedding you have been invited to is more cocktail attire than black tie, an embellished midi dress is what you need! Quite frankly mini dresses have no place at a wedding!!

Of course the dresses above are not confined to weddings! These additions to your closet will prove handy for whatever your holiday party invites may be!

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