Thursday, January 9, 2014

StyleInspiration - Michelle Obama

Barak tweeting Michelle in the infamous dress to
celebrate winning an additional term! (image via DailyMail)

Whether you are into politics or not it is undeniable the First Lady of the United States has a sense of style to be envied. She, Mrs. Michelle Obama, has caused many an item to sell out. So in honor of the upcoming birthday girl's 50th here is a simple suggestion: buy this dress!

At less than $100 this ASOS dress is a sure bet way to add some first lady style into your everyday wardrobe.

     How would I wear it? 
ASOS Skater Dress In Check Print $99.82 (image via ASOS)

  1. For work I would add some simple ballerinas and keep the jewelry minimum (sorry I refuse to wear heels to work as walking commuter).
  2. For drinks with the girls add some heels like a platform cork sandal & put my hair up with a pair of dangly earrings.
  3. For a summer cookout: flat strappy sandals & beachwave hair
  4. Lastly, for meeting the parents you will definitely impress by taking a cue from Mrs. Obama and add a belt or a simple choker necklace (shoes depend on where you are going).
P.S. Jessica Alba also wore it!

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