Wednesday, April 30, 2014

BeautyTalk - The Nude Nail

Nude nails grace a Monique Lhullier 

Spring fashion show (image via Stylelist)

The nail art business has truly taken off - just scroll through #nailart on instagram and you can be insanely amazed about the little works of art that can be placed on your nails. But, while I can appreciate the talent behind such creations, it is not a trend for me (similar to the ugly shoe trend wrecking havoc - I say no!). Actually, I could probably be called a nail color prude, decorating my hands with red and red alone. But, sometimes when spring or summer hits and your wardrobe is bursting in color you prefer to let your clothes and accessories do the talking and thus the challenge becomes: How do I go about achieving a streak-free, clean and polished looking nude nail?

I got the answer!

Let me back-track a bit. Recently, I saw on advertisement on +POPSUGAR Beauty  about this new nail thing +Sephora  has called The System by Formula X. Supposedly this system achieves gel-like lasting manicures without the damage caused by gels and shellac. After weeks of hesitation I tried it out and was pleasantly surprised. It is not as chip resistant as shellac and gel but it definitely is better than a regular Essie or OPI nail polish application. So I settled on my new go-to red: Push the Limits. Great right?! But what about the nude polish! 
Formula X The System + Nude Nails project

Every time I attempted to apply soft nude tones, be it Essie's Mademoiselle or OPI's Bubble Bath, the result was a disastrous streaky mess. So I gave up and only went nude when getting them done at the salon. However, as I was recently laid off and planned to be interview ready this became a top priority. I needed to be DIY nude nail proficient, ASAP, as salon manis are not part of my budget and red polish is not considered interview appropriate, especially for accounting professionals. So I hit +Sephora and settled on Formula X's Marvelous color from their Translucents line. And I love it! See for yourself!

How to:

Prep nails by cutting, filing and using a cuticle remover treatment such as Sally Hansen's you can push back and remove growing cuticles. Tweezerman has mini rescue kits for nail prep essentials which are great! Also, buffing nails prior to nail color application is great!

Next follow steps on Sephora's site:
Formula X nude nails - the beauty is
in the barely there result!

  1. Start with Nail Cleanser, an essential step that leaves nails free of residue for smooth polish application. 
  2. Next, apply Base Coat, an advanced adhesive primer that forms a sticky layer, helping lacquer take hold. 
  3. Add your Formula X lacquer of choice for whatever effect you’re after. 
  4. And finish with super glossy Top Coat to protect your manicure with dazzling high shine. 
Et voila! Interview ready, spring ready, summer ready, you name it!

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