Tuesday, May 27, 2014

StyleInspiration - Fashion Films & Carine Roitfeld

I have a hard time saying I love fashion. Why? Because I think every two females, of three, says they "love fashion." Hence, I describe myself as a style aficionado, relishing in the everyday beauty of, actually, everything. 

When I get the opportunity to study real-life fashionistas, in the increasing selection of fashion docu films, I take it all in. Relaxing and literally settling in with a glass of wine; rewinding anytime I think I missed a great quote or lesson. Though fashion films are more common than say 10 years ago they are still a bit rare.

Thankfully though my thirst was satisfied when, this passed weekend, I discovered Carine Roitfeld's 'Mademoiselle Con Netflix and it has become one of my favorite fashion films out there!

The curious and fashion obsessed will love this film as it is full of appearances by Stephen Gan, Karl Lagerfeld, Tom Ford, Kate Upton, Sarah Jessica Parker, Joseph Altuzarra, Christian Restoin, Julia and Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld and many many more. Not only, do we get to see a softer side than what is usually represented in speaking of fashion editors, but we also get an inside glimpse into a woman embarking in a new business venture, of a publication titled CR fashion book, where many doors are shut as a consequence of leaving a powerful employer. French, luxury, and adversity make for a must watch film! (see my top five fashion films on Netflix below!)

As a woman currently in search of my next employment venture it was inspiring to see someone "at the top" struggle upon making a courageous decision to try something new. Additionally, I found myself creating my next outfit inspired my Ms Roitfeld!

Cinched blouse (untucked) over pencil skirt with zebra belt outfit details (in clockwise order):
See right for details!
1. American Eagle relaxed dolman girlfriend shirt in olive - $35 (image via AE)
2. River Island black zebra print pony skin belt - $30 (image via River Island)
3. Jean-Michel Cazabat Cap Pointy Toe Suede pump in black - $129 (image via Intermix)
4. River Island black knotted split front pencil skirt - $40 (image via River Island)
Alternatively, I would swap the pencil skirt for American Eagle's super stretch black jeggings and tuck the shirt whilst putting the belt through the loops for a more relaxed look.


Top Five Fashion Films to watch right now on Netflix (in no particular order):
Gros Bisous!!

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