Thursday, July 31, 2014


Image via Babson
Funny how inspiration always rears it's head at an unexpected time. The various communications about an upcoming reunion from my alma mater, Babson College, have recently led to frequent visits it's website. Given I have been in a period of unemployment, the last thing I expected was to feel connected to that placed which formed the foundation of my professional career. But then there it was, a definition of entrepreneurship as told by Stephanie which caused me to light up with hope and illusion. Because, whether facing rejection for a job application or a business plan, that drive to continue is priceless.

See more definitions of entrepreneurship or contribute your own at Define Entrepreneurship | Babson

P.S. Babson was just rated No. 1 in Money Magazine's Best Colleges list.


  1. Gotta learn to get rejected, and gotta learn to fail. And most importantly you have to learn to keep trying even when you do fail.

    Fred | O'Malley Hansen Communications

  2. i can play scrabble all day long cause i love to play with words and rearrange them for higher points:: professor anokhin kent state