Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Decor101 - White & Gold Bedroom Tips and Tricks!

White & Gold w/ COLOR bedroom inspiration!
(image via Eclectic Living Home)
It has been a VERY long time since I last posted on this blog. Life has been hectic to say the least initially wrapping up job interview processes; juggling job offers (still cannot believe I got three within a week, after over four months unemployed) &, ultimately, starting a new analytic role at a renewable energy company downtown. 

I absolutely love my new job but still have SO much to learn about this extremely complex and ever-changing industry. So with little time for fun “stuff” this blog fell by the way-side as did sleep and taking care of myself really. The good news is I am back!
For my first "Post Unemployment" article, I would like to share with you that which has become my creative outlet over the past weeks aka room d├ęcor! As September 1st rolled around and the city of Boston moves I did to albeit just to I moved into a new room within my apartment. However it was the perfect time to trash and update the room's look albeit in an accessible way. (Let’s not forget I had no income for four months!) So, after tons of planning on decorist, I decided on a backdrop of white furniture & bedding accented by gold and peppered with colorful accents. Whilst far from done, I am happy to report the gold and white items that are currently on display (definitely thought of Melissa Gorga’s song as I typed that! Ha!).

Before I go into the items I must emphasize that as you decorate your apartment, room or home one thing to keep in mind is you can always change an item with a little paint. Similar to clothing tailoring to your vision can bring an item up to a whole other level. With that in mind I set sail to find a dresser, lamps, a garden stool and paint to fix the items that did not exactly fit the bill but began to set the tone of my vision.

What I bought (and think you should get too!):

1. Aged Gold with Crystal Accent Floor Lamp - $64 (via Overstock)
2. Xhilaration® Gold Chevron table Lamp - $20 (image via Target)3. South Shore Simply Basics 3 Drawer Dresser - $ 60 (via Target)
4. Safavieh Paradise Elephant Gold Ceramic Garden Stool - $109 (via Overstock)

Safavieh Palmer X-bench Nailhead Plum Ottoman - $159 (image via Overstock)

What I had and changed:
West Elm Brown Narrow Leg Vanity & the CB2 formosa white tray table.

Shabby Distress Paint in Grandma's Doily White - $24 (via Overstock)
Americana Decor Creme Wax in Clear - $8 (via Overstock)
Rust-Oleum American Accents Ultra Cover 2X Spray Paint, White Primer - $10 (via Amazon)
Rust-Oleum 1910830 Metallic Spray, Gold - $12 (via Amazon)

What I did:
1. Painted South Shore dresser handles gold by first applying Rust-Oleam primer and then one coat of Rust-Oleam metallic Gold spray,
2. Painted West Elm brown vanity with Shabby white chalk paint (after cleaning dresser with household vinegar Windex) three coats as is and one coat leftover paint mixed with water. Finished with a coat of clear wax applied with cheese cloth and excess wiped off with paper towel.
3. Painted vanity hardware with one coat Rust-Oleam primer and one coat Rust-Oleam gold spray.
4. Painted CB2 tray table base with one coat Rust-Oleam primer and one coat Rust-Oleam gold spray.

Now my room is far from finished as I need artwork and colorful throw pillows for my bed but it is well on the way to being that eclectic, clean and stylish haven I strive for!

Happy Decorating!

P.S. All items were purchased at the links provided in the via source above. Check out my redone vanity on instagram!

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