Tuesday, March 3, 2015

BeautyTalk - The Inexpensive & Effective Anti-Aging Products I Swear by

Aging/skincare MUSE Miranda Kerr (image via Instagram)
There is nothing like a brutal winter to stop and take stock of your skin care regime. About a month ago I realized my EVOO routine was not holding up to dryness surrounding me and I needed something else. 

Consciously drinking more water and moisturizing morning and evening simply did not bid away dryness and that meant my fine lines were glaringly obvious. Then my inbox was blessed with Marie Claire's newsletter touting their Guide to Face Oils!

Given my use of extra virgin olive oil as a regular moisturizer I am one that embraces the use of oils for skin care and I was excited to learn more. After going through their guide I zeroed in on Rose hip seed oil, said to be effective at treating fine lines and dark spots. Further Googling lead me to an article boasting Miranda Kerr (I mean the aging clock definitely stopped ticking for her), among others, uses it every night and even sells it under her Kora line. This was enough for me to delve into the Amazon waters and find an organic cold pressed rosehip seed oil which be quickly delivered thanks to my (accidentally renewed) expensive prime membership and, after reading countless reviews, settled on Pure Rosehip Seed Oil Certified Organic Large 4 Ounce Bottle (120 Ml) By Jarosa Beauty for the modest price of $22.47. I then proceeded to finally get a tub of First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration at Sephora. 

Within a week of using this combo I could tell my skin was back to normal. Four weeks later I got the ultimate compliment when one of my sisters (who sees me everyday) asked me, slightly annoyed, why my skin looked so good. I don't really have before pics since I am not a selfie queen but the many post-op photos (#nofilter #over30) I have been sharing with friends, family and the twitter-verse after my strabismus surgery were slightly less painful, given, I felt so comfortable in makeup-free skin. I am still unable to use makeup near my eye area but thankfully can continue this current skincare regime as I continue to heal post surgery. For under $55 dollars I think this winning combo should be tried by all!

P.S. I apply the rosehip seed oil nightly after washing my face with my Clarisonic Mia, which I use with their radiance brush head, and Alba Botanica face wash. After about ten minutes or so I apply the FAB moisturizer and am ready for bed. The only other skin care measures I take are daily doses of omega-3 fish oil and biotin.

P.P.S. Daily Mail just published an article swearing Kate Middleton swears by rosehip seed oil!

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