Wednesday, March 25, 2015

ShoppingTips - The April Showers call for a Classic Trench Coat

Olivia Palermo for VITAMINA
Spring Summer 2013/14 (via Pinterest)
I am looking at the weather forecast and it predicts showers for the next three days with temps as high as 50. Whilst I must note this is very odd considering we were under 20s on Monday, I will happily welcome the rain and warmer temps and thus ensure the remaining snow left throughout Boston is washed away! However, my new put together persona is not well equipped for the impending month or two of showers. Why? Because I own but one parka which I actually inherited from a sister. What is missing you might say (or know) a classic trench coat!

Heavily influenced by Burberry's "The Art of the Trench" campaign last year, I have decided it is time to buy a nice, sturdy, well fitting trench!

These are the four in the running (depends on how well I budget things out - medical procedures are expensive y'all!):

  1. Burberry London Trench Coat - $1,472 via Farfetch (from Stefania Mode in Trapani , Italy - import duties and shipping included)*
  2. ASOS camel trench - $108 via ASOS (also available in Black)
  3. Betsey Johnson Leopard Piped Trench - $100 via Overstock (also available in Black & White leopard print)
  4. Moncler belted trench coat - $841 via Farfetch (from Gore in Murcia , Spain  - import duties and shipping included)*

Hope my research helps your shopping!

*Many times you can save a couple hundred on items purchased overseas vs in US stores and Farfetch is super reputable and reliable!

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