Monday, November 23, 2015

BeautyTalk - Embracing Glossier's No Makeup Makeup

image via Glossier
I have realized I have a lot to share after not blogging for awhile. Rather than having to brainstorm about what to share, my recent posts have all been a sort of collection of lessons learned or favorite finds of the year. Enter Glossier the product created by Into The Gloss (THE blog of Beauty blogs) founder Emily Weiss. You may remember her as the star intern for Teen Vogue on The Hills (or maybe you don't), but, she has come a long way and was named to Forbes' 30 under 30 list this year!

If you follow Emily on instagram you will notice her skin perpetually looks insane! She always has this dewy no makeup look going on. Furthermore, her future sister in law Maria DueƱas Jacobs, Elle Accessories Editor, frequently promotes Glossier and also has that perfected the no makeup look. These two alone were reason enough for me to want to give it a try, but flip through their testimonials and every cool girl is a convert! Admittedly I did not expect miracles but I was excited to give Glossier Phase 1 set a try.

So I placed my order (immediately regretted it) but since it was the weekend I was not able to cancel prior to processing. My interest was piqued anyhow and when it arrived four days later I was ecstatic to give it a try. 

Here are my takeaways:

  1. The products alone are great and despite other reviews I found alluding to the fact they are not all worth it, I beg to differ. Never have i been to Sephora and walked out with four products I would repeatedly used for 80 USD.
  2. As many will tell you the perfecting skin tint does not provide heavy coverage. I am not a fan a foundation but I do like the coverage of a good BB cream and for that I swear by Boscia. However, the bronzing BB I used to mix with my Boscia for added glow was discontinued so I opted for the Perfecting Skin Tint in dark and mix it with my BB cream. The result is just what I wanted. (Not sure if its because of the diamond powder but its just a beautiful finish)
  3. The priming moisturizer really takes care of redness. My highly critical baby sister pointed out one day that it looked like I wasn't wearing makeup but my skin looked good and wasn't red like usual - I take that as A+ for the product. I am saving these for special occasions as it looks like it would finish rather fast.
  4. Both the balm dotcom and face mist are solid products to keep in your repertoire. After seeing the balm on Net-A-Porter, I knew it had to be good as their beauty products are carefully curated. (That's how I discovered Eyeko's amazing Sport Mascara). The balm remains in my bag and is in rotation with my fresh balms. And, the mist really is great to spritz either after finishing your makeup or just when feeling dry (quite frequent as temperatures drop in New England).
I do use all the products and I feel like the value is great. This would be a great addition for keeping skin in check throughout the holidays and makes an awesome gift. If I were to just recommend one it would be the Perfecting Skin Tint given it filled a void in my makeup bag. I also found when I used all products all I added was brows, eyeko mascara and bb cream and achieved a look to carry me through the day. Read more about the products I continue to use on the daily when you browse through the BeautyTalk tag.

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