Wednesday, November 18, 2015

SpotlightOn - Washio 'My laundry concierge'

Because we are about to enter the fastest (and the last) six weeks of the 2015 year I am sharing with you the best of friend's when in need of saving time. Typically, I am a do it yourself person meaning if I can I rather do it myself and spend that money else where, for example I love always have my nails done but I seldom go to the salon instead I use Sephora's Formula X system and do it myself (Pyrotechnic is my go to fall winter color). That said I also know when it is best to outsource: for example if you live with roommates hire a cleaning person - no two people clean alike and this saves hours of frustration and resentment. 

Earlier this year I was working crazy hours, working out, and being social in an attempt to remain sane when I realized I kept sacrificing weekend workouts to spend four hours doing laundry. I had seen random ads for Washio but I had never ever sent my laundry out. to be honest I used to feel like that was simply lazy and there was no excuse. Then I got a $20 voucher to try off of Gilt and decided to give it a go. And after six months using this service I can truly say it is worth it because:

  1. Pickup on demand - not having to plan my time around when they can pickup but instead I can decide I am home now can someone come and get my laundry within 30 minutes is magical.
  2. Do as I tell you to do - I am pretty low maintenance when it comes to my laundry, meaning, I don't air dry anything nor do I use different wash cycles. The only thing I do is separate lights from darks. That said you can tell Washio to do any of the above things as air dry your Lululemons and bras or provide extra care to your whites and they will do so for no upcharge.
  3. They catch things you don't - more than once has a dry clean only item been mixed into my wash and fold batch and they have caught it, emailed me to make sure this was or wasnt a mistake and proceeded with my verdict.
  4. Clothes smell lovely and come ready to put away neatly folded
  5. Upon pickup you get a treat! (Usually a cookie and I LOVE cookies - that in and of itself is the fastest way to my heart).
I could go on. It really differs from any sort of laundry service as I have observed as it feels personalized and catered. I would define them as a laundry concierge. Upon signing up they come to you and give you a garment bag for your dry cleaning and a semi structured hamper with a drawstring and handles for your wash and dry, which you are to reuse and contain your information. Furthermore, they stand out with their attention to detail. For example they have taken the initiative to credit order simply for being ten minutes late to deliver and unlike every other delivery and pickup service they come up to my second floor walk up upon pickup and delivery! 

It can add up especially if you add duvet covers and dry cleaning (though prices for dry cleaning are comparable to my neighborhood cleaners), but, its more of a one time wow I really need to do laundry more often shock than anything. And I do but that doesn't mean I forget to recognize when I need extra help and my time is better spent on others or myself for that matter. To avoid surprises they have a handy calculator you can use to estimate (it usually is less than estimated since it comes down to weight).

So this busy holiday season give Washio a spin. You can get $15 off your first Washio order when you use my promo code oliva37977ur98.

Washio is currently available in the following locations:  Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, and Washington DC.

For a step by step what to expect guide check out this Business Insider review.

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