Monday, March 14, 2016

SpotlightOn - MealPass in Boston

Chickpea Fritter Sandwich from
Clover Food Lab aka my Friday lunch
on MealPass (photo taken by moi)
There is a new kid in town Boston. And by kid I mean your future new BFF just setup shop and you are seriously missing out if you don't bring this kid into your squad. Whom may that be? MealPass. What is that you say? Let me tell you all about it, because, ten days ago I too was in the dark.

It all started when a friend that is in the food industry asked me whether I did MealPass? I hadn't yet answered him when I immediately googled the word and promptly requested an invite after reading what little I could find. (Please let me in I clamored!!)

You see MealPass is ClassPass' BFF and therefore should be yours as well. It is a pretty simple concept whereby subscribers pay
$99 + tax each month and are entitled to lunch every Monday through Friday from one of the participating restaurants. If, like me, you buy lunch that runs you about $10-11 bucks a day meaning that with 
MealPass I can get a month's worth of meals for the equivalent of what I spend in 10 days, that itself was the main motivation behind wanting to join. Another reason was the fact I was bored with my lunches. Sure I love my B Good salads, and I mean really LOVE them, but I craved variety. So what do I think? Glad you asked. After a complete week on MealPass this is what I think: 

What you need to know:

  • Today's lunch options are available to view at 7 PM EST day before
  • Each participating restaurant offers one meal option per day
  • You must make a choice by 9:30 AM EST day of lunch
  • When making a your meal choice you choose a 15 minute pickup window
  • The images shown are pictures of the actual meal (I have included screenshots of MealPass images with my meal pics)
  • This is pickup only not delivery
  • Billing period starts on starting date (not calendar based ie not day one of month)


  1. Choices, choices, choices. There is a wide plethora of restaurants. Just like when I tried ClassPass after struggling to keep motivated with the same workouts at my gym, it is exciting to log in and go through the day's offerings and try new meal at fave spots or a completely new restaurant
  2. Cost. Even if I made my salads at home there is absolutely no way I could keep the costs under $105 (price including tax) per month
  3. Portions. Whether I know I will be going out to dinner, like I did last Tuesday and opted for a a simple kale salad, or plan on making lunch my main meal like I did on other days, there is something for you.

To be honest I cant think of any. Sure I wish there were more meatless options on Friday's during Lent (Tuna sandwiches for all!) and I wish Al's on South Street was on the plan. But, contrary to what I have read on other reviews:

  1. the meals are complete meals and not sample sized and,
  2. BBQ Pulled prok rice bowl from SaPa aka
    last Monday's lunch on MealPass (photo taken by moi)
  3.  having to pick up the meals is hardly a burden given if you work in downtown Boston (or Back Bay which is now on the plan!!) you are likely taking a walk rain or shine to pickup some food.

Two thumbs up MealPass peeps!!

Bon Appetit I am off to pickup today's lunch.

PS - drop me a line at if you need an invite to join :)

PS 2 - I skipped lunch on Thursday of that week as I had other plans.

* I was not paid for this review nor did I get a complimentary or trial period this is 100% funded by moi.

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