Monday, August 8, 2016

StyleInspiration - The End of Summer into Fall Party Look

Image via Memorandum
Summer is coming to and end. The signs are all around us: back to school shopping ads, the sun is setting earlier and earlier and the incessant summer planning has come to an end. But you may have that last Summer wedding or big party to attend to. And maybe you are creatively wiped from all the events and parties you have dressed yourself these past few months. Instead of succumbing and dialing it in... paint the Summer of 2016 in red and go out with a bang! 

Maybe one inspired by the late Oscar de la Renta's spanish flair full of ruffles and brightness!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

BeautyTalk - Face Ready in Five "The Summer Edition"

Haloscope (Image via Glossier)
I believe in always putting your best foot forward. I also believe in being efficient with your time as there is always something you need to be doing. That means I usually do the same makeup routine each and everyday with a little extra thrown in for special events or that day you just want to feel extra good. Trying new makeup items? Who has time for that!? But, you notice chatter, when over and over again, the time comes to cave and see what the fuss is about.

What fuss am I speaking of? Well just Glossier's foray into the makeup arena with the introduction of their Phase 2 products. These were closely followed up with the addition of Haloscope, a highlighter like no other, which according to Refinery29 lives up to its hype!