Thursday, January 3, 2019

ShoppingTips - The Personalized Gift Guide

This Christmas season I gave myself enough time to do my research and personalize gifts for the recipient. We are a big family of 6 siblings, significant others & children. I had an idea of what I wanted to gift each but it was harder than I thought to actually find it. I am pretty happy with how things turned out. So just in case you find yourself in a gift giving predicament, here are the top gifts I gifted this past Christmas!

For young ladies (top right):

A Name Necklace by GracePersonalized $41 (via Etsy). Such a great way to get young ones started on jewelry and the result is so pretty!

For your girlfriends (top left):

Personalized Leather Cosmetic Bag by AuthorL $45(via Etsy). This is something I always wanted myself to carry everyday essentials in my bag when I want to freshen up post workout or after work. The lined version comes with a side pocket which is awesome to stash earrings if changing up your accessories! (As these shipped from Ukraine it did take close to four weeks to receive - if looking for something quicker this J.Crew one was second in the running at a comparable price with promotions but I wanted full names not initials which is harder than you know to find!)

For the guys in your life:

Personalized Leather Dopp Kit by LKGifts $60 (via eBay). I gifted this to my boyfriend three years ago and opted for the box for him to keep photos or any other memorabilia. The seller is awesome and made different designs for the box and bag. Today it still looks awesome - obsessed with that rustic leather look!

Special shout out gift for ANY runner:
The Charles Sunglasses by Article One x Tracksmith $255 (via Tracksmith). Although not in the personalized category - these are one of my fave gifts. When my boyfriend mentioned he wanted new running sunglasses it lead to tons of Googling & scrolling through Runners' World & the like. I wanted something that didn't look like running glasses. These nail it. They are stunning in person (I got the gold) & per his feedback: the lenses are spectacular & they do not budge while running. Considering he is using interchangeably, in regular day life, with his Persols the price seems absolutely fair for the quality and look.  

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