About Me

Born and raised in Honduras I have the passion (and mild craziness or spiciness if you will) which comes in hand with being a Latin woman. That said, I am, simply, a curious person, thirsty for knowledge. While number crunching in the Boston area for a number of years, I found a need to share my interests (known as the friend that finds others deals on the items they want) and began this blog as my outlet. I gave it up for a couple of years and slowly finding my way back as I navigate life and changing interests (cue entertaining a family as a bonus mom to my partner's kids and tweaking recipes in my bid to be healthier limiting sugar and carbs)!

Popular categories I write about are:
  1. SpotlightOn: The experiences that I have had that stand out and I have to single them out.
  2. BeautyTalk: The ever-evolving skincare routine in my pursuit to aging gracefully.
  3. RecipeTime: My growing list of go-to recipes for entertaining or treating friends and family.
  4. StyleInspiration: Anything that inspires me and I translate to a way of dress (could be a chinoiserie print or a cool sale find)
  5. QotD: Words that keep me hungry and moving

Hope you enjoy!

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