About Me

Born and raised in Honduras I have the passion (and mild craziness) which comes in hand with being a Latin woman. That said, I am, simply, a lover of color, spice & knowledge. While I have been number crunching in the Boston area since graduating from college, I found a need to share my creative interests and began this blog as my outlet. Here you will principally find:
  1. StyleInspiration: Where I share how an image inspires an outfit whether it be a bouquet of flowers, print, etc.
  2. ShoppingTips: Strategic tips to find and complete the outfit of your need.
  3. RecipeTime: My growing list of go-to recipes for entertaining or treating friends and family.
  4. QotD: Words that keep me hungry and moving
  5. SpotlightOn: The rare items or products that catch my attention so fiercely I have to single them out.
Hope you enjoy!

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